Summit SAR Dogs

            CANINE SEARCH AND RECOVERY             2017 SEMINAR    

Sunday, Oct. 1 - Friday, Oct. 6, 2017

Camp Manatoc - Peninsula, Ohio

Hosted by:  Summit Search and Rescue Dogs


Summit SAR Dogs is excited to be hosting the 2017 CSAR Seminar at                             Camp Manatoc                                                                                                         1075 Truxell Rd.                                                                                                       Peninsula, Ohio 44264.  

Camp Manatoc is comprised of 600 acres and includes 3 lakes. The camp lies in the heart of the 39,000 acre Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Cabins are located around the dining hall with parking provided at the cabins. 

Check the early registration discounts for a great deal.  Registration includes:  lodging, meals, training classes, night presentations, networking, vendors and much more. 


Note:  Instructors are subject to change at any time.


Beginner - Natalie Castle

Intermediate - Kathy Katko                              

Advanced - Lee Weatherall

Urban - Kathy Holbert                                   

Area Search:

Beginner - Janet Geist

Intermediate - Darcy Harbaugh

Advanced - Jane Harlan

Land Cadaver:                            

Beginner - Robin Habeger Greubel                         

Intermediate - Lou Ann Metz        

Advanced - Pat Horn

Water Cadaver:

Beginner - Lisa Higgins

Advanced - Barbara Weakly-Jones



Register EARLY and SAVE MONEY.  Save even more as a CSAR member.  Not a member?  Become a member by visiting the CSAR page:

        Early Bird (CSAR Member) prior to July 1 - $375

        Registration (CSAR Member) after July 1 - $400

        Early Bird (Non-member) prior to July 1 - $425

        Registration (Non-member) after July 1 - $450

        Companion Fee (No dog) prior to July 1 - $260

         Companion Fee (No dog) after July 1 - $275 


                        ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:

Can I room with my team?

If you have a group that wants to all be together, just let us know the names and we will do our best to accomodate you.


What's the weather going to be like?  What kind of clothes will I need?

Plan on mild day temps and cool evening temps.  Then remember that this is  Ohio and anything could happen.  It may rain; it may snow or it may be beautiful all week (we sure hope so).  Bring clothes to handle any weather.


What else will I need?

Bring refillable water containers as we will not be providing bottled water.  Be sure to include anything else you use at training.


What will my dog need?

You will need a crate if you plan on keeping your dog in your room.  Bring a Health Certificate if you are from out-of-state.  In-state will require your dog's shot record.  You'll need to show it at check-in.


Tell me about the auction.

The auction is held to raise funds to off-set the costs of the seminar.  The auction will be held on Weds. evening after dinner.  Please consider bringing an item for the auction.  Place it on the table prior to Weds. evening.  The auction table will include many donations and we auction it all.


What if my dog is in heat?

Please DO NOT bring your dog if she is in heat.  Although many feel that dogs need to learn to work around this distraction, there will be many new / young dogs just beginning their training and this is not the place to have to work through this additional challenge while training and learning.


Do I really need a crate?

YES.  Dogs must be crated when unattended in the cabins and at night (if brought into the cabin).  Also, dogs should not be tied out and left unattended.

* Anyone bringing dogs that will not be participating in classes will need to be prepared to kennel those dogs in their vehicle if necessary.  These dogs will be accomodated in the lodging areas only after all dogs that are registered to participate in classes have been accomodated.


Can I camp at Camp Manatoc?

Yes.  There is primitive camping - no hook-ups.  If you are camping, please contact Tudy Morris for details:


Are there any motels in the area?

Yes.  Remember, there is no discount if you stay in a motel.


Have questions?  Please contact:

Tudy Morris - SSARD - 330-281-7007 or
Heather Hays - SSARD - 330-296-7412 or