Summit SAR Dogs


BEGINNING TRAILING:  Working very fresh tracks with a lot of help from the handler.  Have associated a reward system or are working on it.  Willing to try some different things as long as they are kept on a beginner level.  Will work with lots of motivation.


INTERMEDIATE TRAILING:  Dog is progressing well in normal training, but needs some assistance in certain situations, or handler needs help consistently reading the dog.  New situations can be added without throwing the dog backwards in training, and the instructors can help the handler read the dog through a new experience.  Dog is comfortable with different terrain / vegetation / urban, but may need assistance / experience or debugging.


ADVANCED TRAILING:  Dog is comfortable on a variety of surfaces and ages of track.  May need a bit of debugging for handler and dog on specific items.  Team is comfortable working a variety of problems and situations.


URBAN TRAILING:  Dogs should be experienced in trailing.  Trails will be set entirely in an urban environment.  Dogs will work through problems with highly contaminated hard surface trails.


BEGINNING AIR SCENT:  Working runaways or very small problems.  Have begun to implement a refind or alert, but need significant work to continue to build it.  Handler needs help reading the dog and building the dogs' confidence.


INTERMEDIATE AIR SCENT:  Dog is consistently finding on problems up to 30 minutes.  Dog may need some debug work (crittering, refind / alert help).  Handler may need help (navigation, making decisions about reading the dog).  Instructor can thrown some different things at the dog (multiple victims / strange victims / strange problems) and team will learn from the experience without it being too much for the dog.


ADVANCED AIR SCENT:  Team consistently finds in most situations.  May need some assistance with reading the dog or recommendations for a debug or two.  Team wants to be challenged in problem type or style, and do some different things.  Handler should have good navigation skills and be confident in the dogs' abilities.


BEGINNING HRD:  Dog is very new to cadaver and is building on alert sequence.  Dog will be imprinted regularly and an alert sequence taught.  Dog needs lots of repetitions and guidance.


INTERMEDIATE HRD:  Dog has a fairly reliable alert sequence and has begun searching for source.  Dog and handler are comfortable working different situations, but need assistance to reinforce alert sequence, debug handler cueing, or other specific issues.  Team can handle some new situations, but will need guidance to remain consistent.  May work some blind problems, but expect assistance from the instructor if needed.


ADVANCED HRD:  Dog and handler are comfortable working a variety of blind problems.  May have an issue or two that need assistance from the instructor, but are willing to work a lot of styles of problems and sources.


BEGINNING WATER HRD:  Dog must be at an intermediate HRD level on land (minimum) during normal training.  If your dog has not been introduced to cadaver, please do not sign up for this class - sign up for the Beginning Land HRD class.  Dog and handler should be comfortable in a boat and have a basic alert built on land.


ADVANCED WATER HRD:  For the more advanced dog with experience in Water HRD.  Team is comfortable working in a boat and dog has a reliable alert on water.  Training areas will include local lake(s) with a variety of blind problems presented.